Kali Sahasranama stotram

Kali Mata

Kalika devi is one of the ferocious goddesses in the Dashamahavidyas. Her worship is done to defeat the both internal and external enemies.Her upasana vidhi is given in detail in “Rudrayamala”.Everybody can read the sahasranamas of Dashamahavidyas. i.e people can chant this without Gurupadesh.

Who can chant this ?!.

1. People Running under Rahu mahardasha or Shani(Saturn) Mahardasha.
2. For the native whose’s horoscope is under major affliction from Rahu.(7th lord with rahu    makes the native bereft of the marital happiness in the rahu dasha & eyc,.)
3. Childless couple.
4. People who don’t have knowledge or Wisdom due to the bad karma in the past birth.
5. People looking for pacifying their bad deeds in the past life.
6. People suffering due to saturns bad palcement in their horoscope.
7.This stotra is very powerful when chanted early morning before 6 AM with Ghee lamp lighted.

You can find this document in the below link.


Please feel free to write me if you have any quires on this.

Vinodh Malothkar


14 thoughts on “Kali Sahasranama stotram

  1. very nice sir. is kali sahasram available in telugu and vaarahi kavacham sulini durga kavacham in telugu i need very much

  2. Hi sir, i downoaded the kali shaasranamavali, is this similar that Anuradha Powdal – Kali Sahasrranam 1008 Names , please convert this into telugu , i am very greatful to you.

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